A letter from the owners


as many of you are aware, we had some issues with filling orders for hemp flower. I just wanted to personally write to all of you and personally apologize for the delayed shipping on hemp buds as well as explain what happened.

Over the last 14 months we attempted to structure our business around selling flower from various farms. Once we sold all of the flower from our trusted farms, we began to reach out to new sources to keep you guys satisfied.

We had an agreement with a lady out of Nevada who was supposed to drop ship all of our Hemp Flower Orders. We sent our initial payment for orders.

Not exactly sure where it went wrong from there other than only a couple customers received their orders. After a couple weeks went by we realized we had been taken by this lady.

I went to Colorado, bought what flower I could and sent it out. Stayed a week sent out more as we made more sales.

Thought we had a good relationship setup so returned back to Arkansas. After a week or so of shipments for reasons beyond my knowledge this relationship quickly ended when one of our clients called to tell us they were sent biomass with another companies logo on the packaging.

So we have faced the fact that drop shipping is a poor business model for us and has led us to owing a few of our customers who have supported us for quite some time as well as some first time customers.

For this, I am very sorry for the situation some of you were put in at no fault of your own. I assure you that our team is doing everything in our power to get caught up on these orders. We’ve also implemented a new strategy going forward.

I’ve left my children behind in Arkansas and moved to Colorado, acquired a bit of land, and growing top quality smokable hemp buds in Colorado.

Every person and business that was affected by this chain of events, we are going to send you 3x your order once we harvest our first light dep crop.


Once again, I am deeply apologetic for these chain of events and assure each of you that we are getting it resolved as quickly as possible.


Sincerely Yours,


Chris Eoff


CO Founder

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