Terms: Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment Cookie days 90 day(s) Commission type Percent of Sale Base commission 15% ADDITIONAL TERMS Commission: Receive 15% commission on all CBDDY product sales. Cookies: 90 Days Payment Method: Check Payment: $200 threshold. Wire Transfer payment threshold: $1,000

Affiliate Challenge Terms: Highest Converting CBDDY Product Review Site Wins The Domain TopFiveCBD.com 

Rules: Contest Registration begins 12/29/2019 and runs through 2/1/20120

Once contest is closed, each contestant will be shipped out 5 products to review on their site

What are we judging on?

Highest Number of Conversions over a 6 month period

SEO, PPC, However you do your thing to drive the most conversions

Spam will immediately be disqualified


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