Benefits Of Cannabidiol (CBD) Seen By Veterans Suffering from PTSD, Anxiety, and Pain

Veterans face higher chances of becoming addicted to prescription medications as PTSD is something that forces many to have to medicate to simply function normally in every day society. Sadly, many veterans have become addicted to prescription medication to combat the war caused post traumatic stress disorder.

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Generally speaking veterans are strong minded and you think would be able to take these medicines and not become addicted, right?

Totally wrong, these prescription drugs are so powerful they have claimed the lives of thousands of vets, they’ve ruined the lives of countless college and professional athletes.

With so many lives ruined, can we really continue to blame the person? C’mon, we are talking about people who voluntarily take a beating day in and day out, obviously they’re not weak minded people. If you ask them how they become addicted, almost always you will hear.

“I thought it was okay, a Dr. Gave it to me”

So people are becoming addicted to dangerous narcotic drugs all because a doctor told them they needed it.

Yet some of these same medical professionals are telling these folks that a plant is worse. Since Cannabidiol (cbd) has been researched, more and more veterans are making the switch from narcotics to non psychoactive Cannabis. While it’s reported to help them manage the effects of their ptsd, while allowing them to maintain a feeling of normalcy. According to CBS News Reporter Nancy Cordes, many veterans are calling for an increase in research and access to hemp based products.

Female navy veteran, Veronica Wayne testified that she had to take opiods for a long time after an airplane maintenance hatch hit her in the head. This made her feel like committing suicide due to the excruciating pain. She spoke on how she became a walking zombie and how she tried taking medical marijuana as a treatment but it didn’t work. At that point she found a solution which contained zero thc or amounts below .3%. She spoke about the wonders of hemp.

She said “It’ll still kill all of the pain symptoms and give you the relief that you need, but you will not feel high All of this led Veronica to put all of her trust and faith into Cannabidiol (cbd). Even before it was legal as it is now. Read more about CBD FOR PTSD.

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Hemp is similar to marijuana in the terms of origin. They both come form the cannabis plant. The difference between hemp and marijuana lies in the fact that hemp does not contain THC while marijuana does. Breeders in Colorado have actually been doing the exact opposite of what the majority of growers in California have been doing. They have been breeding strains to contain more and more cbd and less thc. This has been going on for the last 8-10 years and most of us are just hearing about it since Obama’s 2014 bill which made industrial hemp legal. This allows it to be shipped into all 50 states legally.

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To qualify as industrial hemp, the plant must contain less than .3%thc. Any amounts this low is basically too low to show up as positive on an average drug test. However, that’s not to say it’s impossible but it’s very highly unlikely when taken in therapeutic dosages. Up until 2014 when President Obama pass the 2014 farm bill , both hemp and marijuana were still classified as schedule 1 drugs, by this classification it meant research could not be conducted on either.

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The american Legion is fighting against this ban and that’s the reason why Louis Celli, national director of Veterans Affairs and rehabilitation at the American Legion is fighting for the veterans by saying that
Anything that makes a veteran feel better — especially something that’s non-toxic — is something we’re going to support.

Many doctors are having second thoughts when it comes to recommending CBD hemp products, this is because they are as of now marketed as unregulated supplements.

Wayne Jonas, the former director of the NIH office of alternative medicine spoke on how they skeptical about using hemp products, by this she turned out to be unsure of the correct dose to administer to patients.

According to the FDA children suffering from seizures can take marijuana-based drugs for treatment of this seizures. However lawmakers don’t see it as correct and they are fighting against this law, but Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., who is one of the lawmakers against this law said he cautiously optimistic that this law will be changed.

While we wait for this law to be changed, it is seen that many military personnel are curious about CBD Oil due to its ability to

– treat back pain
– anxiety
– and more

Nevertheless, the cannabis industry keeps on growing and advocates keep on increasing. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is One of the industry’s most powerful advocates. He often shows his support for hemp in his state. His recent support happened last month when he introduced a bill in the Senate that has bipartisan support to legalize hemp as an agricultural commodity.

PTSD is a disorder that originates from a traumatic event, when you continuously re- experience traumatic events, then you can describe it as PTSD. This occurs when the section of the brain that controls fear is triggered, causing the person to continuously go through an episode especially when the person sees something that reminds him about that event.

PTSD Reactions
Some PTSD reactions include the following:
– Difficulties sleeping
– Substance abuse
– Emotionally numb
– Detachment
– Hypervigilance
– Exaggerated startle
– Inability to control emotions
– Including sadness or anger
– Repeated nightmares.

Veterans suffering from most PTSD face a problem when it comes to freeing themselves from fear. If you light up fireworks in the midst of a veteran, it brings up past memories of hazardous tragic events. This can lead to a constant disruption of day to day activities.

When the medications prescribed for this symptoms fail to work, Patients who are not strong enough to handle this situation end up committing suicide.

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– Fatal accident
– Violent crime
– Horrible weather such as earthquakes or tornado,
– Death of a parent or sibling or someone close.

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Research studies have shown some promise on the benefits of CBD. Military personnel have claimed that prescriptions medicines have failed while cannabidiol oil has succeeded in relieving them from pain, anxiety, Arthritis, Chronic Pain, Glaucoma and related symptoms.

The good news for people suffering with PTSD is that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the US has finally approved for research to be done on the use of cannabis as medicine. This is a big step for the cannabis industry because it will lead to more studies on the use of cannabis oil that can help sufferers of PTSD.


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