curing smokable hemp

curing smokable hemp


Do you know that the best cannabis products are a spin-off of proper, detailed curing and drying

Curing cannabis is a vital and important prerequisite for producing high-quality and potent marijuana. Yes,
the cannabis marketplaces are growing and are getting legitimized, thus, making most cannabis business
to adopt the procedure that encourages efficiency and quality.

Right from planting, harvesting to processing, there are several procedures attached within but of all
process, curing is the most important and delicate aspect.
Experienceed marijuana cultivator know the importance of curing smokable hemp flower or cannabis and the fans of
smokable cannabis now ask their budtender if the cannabis was cured properly before buying.
For stoners who don’t know what curing means, it is a procedure used to dry and age marijuana bud
before it can be fit for consumption. More technically, curing procedures manipulate the moisture left in
the cannabis flower to control the chemical reactions that occur during decomposition.
Think of curing cannabis as the aging of wine, wine is allowed to sit in the barrel for some time to produce
the necessary flavor and quality needed, so is curing of bud flowers. After the curing of cannabis is
completed, it ensures that the right spectrum of smell and flavor is added. After harvesting, cannabis is
hanged to dry, improving its cannabinoid profile and providing high-quality marijuana.
Just like, the old preservation methods cannabis curing breaks down the chlorophyll present in the plant;
chlorophyll is responsible for the harsh smoking experience. Just so, you know, smoking fresh /premature
cannabis tastes like hay and does not burn well.

Is curing cannabis worth the wait?

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Curing smokable cannabis is time-consuming but the result is golden and magical. You can’t rush the
process, good things take time; curing weed is not only about the taste or smell, but it is also about its
effect on your body and mind.
Drying cannabis takes about a week to 15 days depending on several conditions like airflow, humidity,
temperature, etc. Curing on its own takes a long time depending on the strain and how graded you want
your cannabis to be, it can range from two to eight weeks.
It’s a long time to wait, I must tell but the result says it all.
Drying and curing procedures

                                                                                                      Here are several processes involved in making cannabis ready for consumption:

1. Harvest your weed

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The first step is harvesting your marijuana at the right time, that is, not too late or too early. Harvesting
at the right time ensures maximum growth and development of the trichomes. After cutting down the
bud, trim off the leaves attached to it.

2. Dry your weed

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At this stage, all you have got to do is hang the weed up to dry. Hang your weed with whatever you desire,
could be hanged with a cloth rod or long stick.
Note: your actions here are subjected to your environment, whenever you are drying your flowers; the
optimal drying environment for marijuana is 50% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Dry your flower for about a week to 10 days. When your bud feels dry at contact then you will be certain
to move to the next stage.

3. Move your bud flower to jars

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Jars are one of the best storage containers for curing cannabis. Fill the jar about three-quarters full and
screw the lids. Note: the bud should not be packed tightly; you can shake the jar to know if the buds are
tightly packed.

4. Give your jar the best environment it deserves

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Stoners, we are curing the weed already, cure the weed at 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 60 percent
humidity. Also, keep the jar out of the sun; it could be dangerous because the temperature inside the jar
can be increased. Where can you store your jar? Jars filled with cannabis dwell well in a cabinet, closet
and any room free of direct sunshine.

                                                                                            5. Jar inspection

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You are to open and inspect your jars several times a day to record your observation from the buds in the
first few days. If you feel your bud is too moist, you need to inspect regularly because moist provides a
breeding environment for mold and bacteria and if you feel the bud is too dry, remove the lid for 20
seconds and replace the lid, shake the jar to spread new air
If everything looks goods after two weeks, open the jar once a week, that pattern should be enough for
the period of curing.

It is of high importance that of the many stages involved in processing cannabis, the drying and curing
stage is the most important and if not handled very well, it could destroy everything. So, follow strict
instructions and guidelines while curing your homegrown cannabis.
Experts at have been growing, drying, and curing cannabis for many years and have been
productive thus far. We have our methods, we have learned a lot and we are sharing our knowledge with

What are the benefits of curing your cannabis?


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1. Crop Preservation

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Curing is the best way to preserve all the compounds found in the flower, providing it with a superior
cannabinoid profile. This process lengthens the shelf life of your cannabis, giving your cannabis the
strength to maintain its potency and taste long. It works just like wine, after years of harvesting, it only
keeps getting better. Curing utilizes a long drying method, and this improves the shelf life of cannabis by
reducing any chances of bacterial and mold presence.

2. Improves Flavor and Aroma

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The taste is in the difference, fresh cannabis tastes like hay but cured cannabis has an improved flavor,
aroma, and taste because the curing process gives room for the aromatic compound (terpenes) to develop
and mature. A developed Terpenes give a subtle taste and exact strain smell.
As wine age, it keeps getting better and tastes even better so is how a cured cannabis experience is like.
After harvesting, mud begins to lose moisture, nutrient, and enzymes and has a result of this when smoked
directly; it gives a taste and smells like hay that has just being harvested. As a result of the loss of sugar
and some minerals, uncured cannabis produces a harsh smoking experience which is bad for stoners.

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3. Improved potency resulting in a high cannabinoid profile

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Long drying reduces the moisture content in the cannabis flower thus, intensifying the potency. A quality
cannabis flower must be dried properly to reach its best level. As water is gradually drained through a
careful process the compound gets more concentrated and the dilution is reduced. Curing cannabis
ensures a superior cannabinoid profile is delivered.

4. Health-related benefit

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Why not enjoy cannabis in good health? Many fans of uncured cannabis do not know the clinical correlates
of what they smoke and if they do, they would make it a top priority to a request for cured cannabis every
Smoking fresh or improperly cured cannabis bud imperils the health and can lead to sore throat, chronic
lung problems for users. It worsens the wellness of an asthmatic cannabis user.

5. Enhance cannabis quality

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Curing cannabis guarantees you the best effect from the flower and in this case reduces the likelihood of
having nasty experience, anxiety, racing thought and paranoia feel after smoking a blunt.

6. Greater experience

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As mentioned, curing breaks down chlorophyll, which is responsible for the harsh smoking experience.
Excellent curing minimizes the acidity felt in the throat. Curing brings greater experience for stoners.
Best cannabis is cured and its importance cannot be understated.
Thankfully you have been exposed to the importance of curing your cannabis, do ensure to cure your
homegrown cannabis flower today!

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