FDA Approved Epidiolex

Epidiolex First Ever FDA Approved CBD Tincture

Now the FDA Approves the first drug containing CBD – Now What?
On June 25th, 2018 the FDA approved the first drug containing CBD. The new drug, with contains no psychoactive THC, is called Epidiolex.

What is Epidiolex?
Epidiolex is made of purified cannabidiol or CBD.Through clinical trials, Epidiolex was found to demonstrate its ability to treat those with Lennox-Gastaur syndrome and Davet syndrome, two forms of severe epilepsy. According to the clinical research, Epidiolex reduces the number of seizures and helps to restore the quality of life in these epileptic patients.

Government-Approved Cannabis Medication
So, the government just approved a cannabis-derived medication – cool right? Despite its approval, Epidiolex still needs to be removed from the Schedule I restrictions list before it can be prescribed and used by patients. Greenwich Biosciences, a subsidiary of GW Pharmaceuticals (the makers of Epidiolex) estimate it will be available to patients in about 3 months.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner, wasted no time differentiating this drug from other non-approved forms of cannabis used as medication based on the FDA’s review process:

“Such a process ensures that any new therapies from marijuana and its constituents are safe, effective and manufactured to a high and consistent quality and most importantly, that these products have been proven safe and effective for patients.”

What about the other CBD Research happening around the world?

Recognizing Other CBD Research
There’s a reason that the CBD industry is worth an estimated $8 Billion dollars. While many studies, which suggest CBD is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and has anti-anxiety effects, more clinical studies on humans need to be conducted. With so much research out there, will more drugs like Epidiolex continue to pop up and seek FDA approval? Probably.For now though, don’t be lead into believing that CBD isn’t well researched – it surely is!

Now What?
Epidiolex is only approved to treat 2 types of epilepsy. Until there are more applications, it is important to know what is in your CBD. Choose Wholesale CBD Oil from pure sources and from companies that share their lab results or dosing instructions and start slow. CBD products may be able to help you find relief from other medical conditions.

As it stands now, unprocessed hemp products such as the globally distributed Hemp Bud we sell is not regulated under the FDA as it’s unprocessed and not manufactured.

Buying FDA Compliant CBD Oil Nearby

We’ve written a CBD Buyers Guide to simplify the process of sourcing CBD Oil in Arkansas and other states where the local rules are often contradicting and has recently led us to relocating our business to Colorado where the laws are in favor our our current business model. Hemp flower was outlawed recently.

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