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CBDDY is in process of growing the following cbd hemp flower strains

  1. Lyfter: Tested at 23% last year
  2. Hawaiian Haze: Tested at 24% last year
  3. Lyfted Cherry Popper: Our F1 Strain
  4. Just Cherry: 15-18%

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All You Need To Know About Hemp Clones

I heard you were looking to begin a CBD Hemp Farm for 2020, but you wasn’t sure how to begin? The easiest and most rewarding ways of becoming one of the top producing hemp farms is by purchasing CBD Hemp Clones prior to your competing farmers. We at CBDDY grow high-quality CBD Hemp Clones and sale them to Industrial Hemp Farmers.

This 2020 Hemp Season, we will also be investing an undisclosed amount of CBD Hemp clones to a handful of farmers.

Industrial Hemp Farmers are Choosing CBD Hemp Clones over Seeds at an all time record!


CBD Hemp Flower Growers Simply Order CBD Hemp Clones from CBDDY where:

  1. Each plant is female so no fear of wasted investment there
  2. Each plant is rooted securely so no fear of plant not making it due to factors beyond their control
  3. Each plant was cut from a high CBD producing mother most over 20%
  4. Each plant has a proven track record among our customers for being a top selling strain
  5. CBDDY intends to help sell any product that you may not have the access to the customers to sell yourself

When you purchase CBD Hemp Flower Clones from CBDDY, you can skip several weeks in the growing process, allowing you to save money on  1. Lighting for those weeks 2. Water for those weeks 3. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about those weeks, CBDDY has mother plants growing now, just request your clones and put down a deposit


Take this time to stock your farm with high CBD content genetics, with high proven high yields as we sold over 5,000lb of these strains 2019!

Best of all, skip the broker joker bullshit! Buy direct from the guy who planted the seed in January 2020!




Industrial Hemp Farming Profitability Facts



A 4ft tall hemp mothers will typically provide 25 clones per week or 50 clones every 2 weeks.

  • 1 acres: 1,500-2,000 hemp plants
  • 3 acres: 5,000-6,000 hemp plants

20 hemp mothers @ 4ft tall will provide roughly 2,000 clones per month.

Hemp Mothers vs Clones Cost Analysis:

Hemp Mothers – 2 ft tall $200 ea   (best value)

Re-pot in 3-5 gal pot and grow the mother to 4ft tall.  1.5 – 2 months.

Hemp Mothers – 3 ft tall $300 ea

Re-pot in 5-10 gal pot and grow the mother to 4ft tall.  1 month.

Hemp Mothers – 4 ft tall $400 ea

Re-pot in 10-25 gal pot. once re-potted, allow at least 2 weeks before cutting begins.

  • only $4,000 = 20 mothers @ $200 per mother 2′ tall
  • only $6,000 = 20 mothers @ $300 per mother 3′ tall
  • only $8,000 = 20 mothers @ $400 per mother 4′ tall
Hemp Clones Cost:
  • 1,500 clones @ $4.00 = $6,000
  • 5,000 clones @ $4.00 = $20,000

Why buy our hemp mother plants?
  • It can save you money and increase your profits.


  • By offering fair market pricing – and reduced market pricing options for

Purchasing certified hemp mother plants allows your team to cut your risks and lower your cost (when compared to fair market value of hemp clones.)

  • 6-8,000 clones @ $.00/clone is $24-$32,000 in clone value for a $6,000 investment plus cost of nutrients.