How CBD Works for Treating Anxiety

Can CBD Be Used For Anxiety?

Over the last decade, discussions surrounding the health benefits of CBD have been increasing with many claiming it can help with a variety of ailments, including mental health and anxiety. While scientific studies on the effects of CBD are scarce, primarily because of the recent rise in its general use, there is anecdotal evidence for the benefits of CBD on anxiety. In fact, anxiety is rated as one of the most common uses for CBD.

Common Causes of Anxiety

Anxiety is characterized by intense, sometimes debilitating feelings of fear or nervousness. It can be caused by a mental condition, physical ailment, medication, or any combination of these. Anxiety is a normal emotion, however, excessive anxiety that negatively impacts other aspects of one’s life is often considered an anxiety disorder. There is a wide range of things that may cause anxiety, from daily experiences to unique situations. According to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, sitting in a dentist’s chair is a common cause of anxiety for many dental patients of many ages. Work, school, and family responsibilities are other common causes of anxiety. Anxiety is fairly common. In fact, Cleveland Clinic estimates that 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety.


What is CBD?

It is a common misconception that CBD is a hallucinogen. However, while it does come from the cannabis plant, CBD is not what makes users of cannabis high. CBD is just one of the dozens of compounds found in cannabis and often is derived from hemp as an oil. Organizations like the Hemp Industries Association have been working to dispel this myth and educate people on the benefits of using CBD for medical conditions.


CBD is often considered the therapeutic agent in cannabis and is currently being researched for its potential beneficial effects on ailments such as anxiety disorders and Parkinson’s Disease. The main use of CBD is as an oil added to food or taken medicinally. The oil can also be incorporated into food. CBD is also available as an e-liquid for vaping.

How Does CBD Help?

Preliminary research done into CBD and anxiety suggests that CBD may help the body process serotonin, the neurotransmitter that regulates emotions. In a small study performed with people suffering from a social anxiety disorder, CBD was found to reduce feelings of anxiety. CBD even helped relieve the physical side effects of anxiety, like high blood pressure. A review done by MarijuanaBreak on multiple studies supports this claim. The study published in the Journal of Neurotherapeutics found that in most trials done to date, CBD was an effective alternative to regular anxiety medications. As an added benefit, the use of CBD did not come with the common side effects of these medications.

More research is being done on the effects of CBD on the body and its benefits for those with anxiety. From what has already been completed, as well as anecdotal evidence, it is clear that CBD is a viable alternative to clinical medications for anxiety.

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