From Co founder Chris Eoff

Hi, I’m Chris Eoff

Co founder of globally distributed CBD Brand CBDDY™. I co founded this brand along with my partner Dr. David DePaolis in March of 2018. I was involved in a seo project for a client and upon doing research discovered the booming market of Cannabidiol.

Laws were still somewhat unclear at the time. For this reason, my client decided against an affiliate CBD website. With the data presented to me, the good faith act of presenting my client with this opportunity was done. I began selling another current top selling CBD brand the very next day! 

With my domaining experience, I knew I wanted a very short easy to remember domain that contained my keyword. CBDDY was born about 15 minutes later. My partner being the clever witty person he is, quickly saw that name and come up with a catchy slogan

CBDDY (Pronounced C-Buddy)