Hi, I’m Chris Eoff

founder of globally distributed CBD Brand CBDDY™. I started CBDDY with $50 and my seo knowledge in 2018. Quickly growing across the US and several other countries, CBDDY was known! 

Lots of hurdles have gotten in the way up to this point, but CBDDY is going nowhere! I have a will to never give up, and no matter what gets in the way, rather it be competitors stealing our customer list, undercutting our prices marketing to our list, attacking our google reviews, contacting our payment processors to try and shut us down. CBDDY will not be beat, and CBDDY since conception has been your Cannabis Buddy! Only thing missing is U! 

CBDDY Is solely owned and operated by myself with partnerships in the pipeline for 2020! 

How do manage to do the whole process? 

I manufacture all of our products, and I am very passionate about what I do. Daily I am presented with opportunities to outsource our production however it’s not in my vision. My vision is 100% vertical integration with strain specific formulations.That is what you will see from CBDDY in 2020! 

Through the 2 years of building CBDDY, I’ve built a very large network of “the real” players in the industry. I relocated my life to be within driving distance from those people & their companies. This has leveraged me to be able to effectively and efficiently supply my small retail orders as well as recently closed corporate contracts. It’s been hell getting to this point, but I did what I had to do to continue offering CBDDY products and bulk CBD products to customers worldwide! 

With recently acquired 40 acre parcel in Calhan Colorado, once I have the money for the facilities, we will have a impressive indoor hemp grow. Currently growing indoor hemp at a rented temp & humidity controlled grow facility.

CBDDY (Pronounced C-Buddy)