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Best Cure

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Send me five pounds free and I’ll buy 80 after? No



We have partnered with a very select few local greenhouses and have access to 5,000lb of high quality hemp flower. Quality and price are best you’ll find anywhere. So please shop first, call us last as it’s moving fast and the deal we make today may not be honored tomorrow. So call when you’re ready to buy. Long term supply contracts get preference over spot buys. no credit card transactions will be accepted for bulk cbd hemp flower so don’t call or email asking. If you can only purchase via credit card, go buy elsewhere.

Samples are available for sale in the shop. If you’re local to colorado you can come see our products in per


2124 35th ave

Greeley, Colorado 80634

(720) 591-6284




CAN I PAY 50% UPON DELIVERY? Only trusted long term customers, and legal documentation required

Can you send me free pounds? NO

Please let me pay with my credit card? NO

Do you Ship Hemp Flower To Louisiana? Yes, all the time

Do you ship hemp flower to Tennessee? Yes

Do you ship hemp flower to West Virginia? yes

Do you ship hemp flower to Alabama? Yes

Do you ship hemp flower to Indiana? NO

Do you ship hemp flower to Kentucky? No

Do you ship hemp flower to Mississippi? Yes

Do you ship hemp flower to North Carolina? Yes


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