Feminized Cherry Wine Hemp Seed



18% CBD, Cherry Wine, Feminized Seed


This seed is United States grown, in the State of Colorado. It was harvested in the 2018 grow season and has been tested by Phylos to ensure that seed is of the highest Female to Male ratio. >99% We can provide documentation from Phylos as well as COA’s from 3rd party testing facilities for the 2018 harvest.


This variety does well in greenhouses as well as in field operations and is drought tolerant, although yields will drop significantly with less water. This is a proven High CBD Hemp strain and grows great in zones 3 & 4. We have a limited supply of this seed and we are selling it in quantities of 1000 or more.

The 2019 season is here and Industrial Hemp is now federally legal. Get your seed now and join the farmers that are revitalizing the Industrial Hemp Industry.




All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Ingredients: Hemp seeds

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