K-9 Blend – CBD Oil

Why Choose CBDDY K-9 CBD Oil?

  • Helps with seperation anxiety in dogs
  • Healthy and long lasting
  • All Organic
  • Made of MCT Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Distillate
*All CBD Products sold by CBDDY contain at or below .3% Δ-9-THC as defined by the Farm Bill




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Customers have reported that CBD oil promotes calmness and reduces anxiety in dogs. CBDDY Brand products are all made to the highest standards. Our products are made in sanitary conditions with healthy ingredients for your furry friend.

One bottle is 125mg of CBD.

CBD Oil K-9 Blend Certificate of Analysis

6 reviews for K-9 Blend – CBD Oil

  1. Pat (verified owner)

    Best Pet CBD I’ve tried, after many failed attempts at giving my dog a cbd oil that works finally I found CBDDy.

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  2. July (verified owner)

    Got my dogs cbd oil fast as f

    1 product
  3. Dog Trainer

    As a professional dog trainer I don’t typically suggest medicine to help manage problem behaviors of dogs. However, I had two of the most stressed out, fear aggressive, neurotic red zone biting dogs I’ve come across in my career, and needed to find something non intrusive to get them to relax even slightly. While I’m no advocate for people using CBD as a band-aid to fix anxiety behavior, there is no possible way I could have trained these dogs without it. The two stayed with me for an extended amount of time (almost 3 months instead of 1) and I used CBDDY CBD the entire second month. During that time I was able to get the dogs to relax aided by the CBDDY CBD, and built trust through training in a calm, submissive state of mind. This pair is now stress-free, happily living with their owner in Denver, and loving life! Technically, this product saved their lives. If they continued to remain in the state they were in, they would have been put down by animal control. Myself and CBDDY CBD were literally, their last chance.
    It’s been almost 10 months and the dogs are model citizens. Not sure if anything can change my mind on this product now. Literally a life saver!

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  4. Mary (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, very fast working formulation for my pet

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  5. Donte (verified owner)

    we received this for my mothers dog. He’s pretty aggressive, not anymore though since CBDDY k9 oil

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  6. Don (verified owner)

    A++++ CBD Oil

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CBDDY is my favorityGood Customer service.The product is discreetly packed.Very fast delivery.Very well worth the money.