We apologize for the inconvenience of our ability to accept credit cards being unavailable but in the meantime we have put together multiple alternative payment options.



Retail orders under $2,000

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  • Retail Orders $30+ 
  • Wholesale Orders Up to $2,000

Send to : (303) 241-9791
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Direct Bank Transfer

For Orders over $2,000 and those who can’t use one of the other options

Bank of The West

Routing Number: 121100782

Account: 06494911

Bank Address

Bank of the West 

180 Montgomery Street

 San Francisco, CA 94104






We appreciate,

everyone who takes the extra step to continue doing business with us.

Anyone who has been involved in the CBD Industry

for any amount of time should understand the hassle it is to accept payments without any hiccups. Things are great one day and you wake up to everything being shut off including your bank account.

We understand

  • the frustration of having to wire money
  • the fear and anxiety that come along with it

We’ve had some road bumps along the journey but we are a real, honest company, and we work very hard day and night to provide you, our customer with the high quality CBD products you have began to trust us to provide you, and we take a lot of pride in our brand name. We are not out to scam anyone, regardless of what a few reviews say online, all of those orders may have gotten delayed for one reason or another, but were all made right and filled. Before Wish removed CBD, which is where we were first found, we had over 500 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars. We sold to over 2,000 customers there. Since, we’ve been focusing solely on building our own site traffic up and it’s worked. Credit card processing for CBD is just been a challenge that everyone in the industry from the biggest names, to the smallest mom and pop sites and stores have had to battle with and as CBD becomes more known, it becomes harder to accept payments for. We lose around 23% of our business during times of not having the privelage to accept credit cards, so we are very grateful for those of you who support us enough and trust us enough to take the time to make an alternative form of payment.

Here is a list of 3rd party verifications that you can verify on your own before taking the chance on paying an alternative way, as we do completely understand the fear.

Colorado Secretary of State Trade Name Registration

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Trade Name Registration for CBDDY

View on Colorado SOS Website

CBDDY Reviews on Google

Colorado Business License #: 20191701687

Social Media Profiles

CBDDY Owner Information

Chris Eoff

Aurora Colorado, 80016



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