Wholesale CBD Flower Contracts From CBDDY™

Wholesale CBD Flower Contracts Now Available for 2019-2020

It’s probably no secret that CBD Hemp Buds are one of the most popular and hottest selling items on the market today!

  • Common CBD Bud Sourcing Problems

You may have had issues in the past finding a reliable supplier of High CBD Buds. Maybe one week, hemp buds are all over, then next week you can’t seem to find an affordable pound of buds to save your life.

  • We Understand, We Got your CBD Bud Needs Covered

We know all too well the feeling, and we’ve spent the last 6 months trying to find a way to overcome this costly issue in this new Hemp Industry. Moved from Arkansas to Colorado to be closer to the key farms, and overcome the stuck in the past state of Arkansas’ recent ban of the hottest product on the market and forcing us out of the state if we wanted to continue to be in this thriving industry that is spreading like a wildfire.

Exclusivity for 2019-2019 Hemp Bud Season

Since moving to Colorado we’ve made new relationships with new farms, multiple farms. Our reach for the year of 2019 is up to 9 farms we have 100% Exclusivity with. We’ve also partnered up with one of our former bulk CBD Bud Customers and we’ve got immediate access to 1,250 lb of Suver Haze High CBD Hemp Bud on the ground as of July 9th, 2019.

Our total CBD Bud poundage for the 2019-2020 year has exceeded over 1 million pounds. The quality is going to be insane and while the prices continue to rise in the market, we continue to lower ours and build a larger network. Our CBD Network of farmers and extractors has nearly reached 1,800 professionals in this industry. Help us help the world with Pain Relief, and carry our cbd buds.

2019-2020 CBD Bud Contract Pricing Chart

6 Month Terms (Weekly/Bi Weekly or Monthly Shipments)

  • 1-5lb $475 per lb
  • 6-50lb $450 per lb
  • 51-100lb $425 per lb
  • 101lb+ $400 per lb

12 Month Terms (Weekly/Bi Weekly or Monthly Shipments)

  • 1-5lb $425 per lb
  • 6-50lb $400 per lb
  • 51-100lb $375 per lb
  • 101lb+ $350 per lb

24 Month Terms (Weekly/Bi Weekly or monthly Shipments)

  • 1-5lb $400 per lb
  • 6-50lb $375 per lb
  • 51-100lb $350 per lb
  • 101lb+ $325 per lb

36 Month Terms (Weekly Bi Weekly or Monthly Shipments)

  • 1-5lb $400 per lb
  • 6-50lb $375 per lb
  • 51-100lb $350 per lb
  • 101lb+ $325 per lb

CBD Bud contracts will be filled prior to any spot purchases being offered. No flower will be listed for sale until all of our commitments are filled each month. This means, the BIG CBD BUDS will always go to our contracted customers. Very rarely will there be any large cola’s left for spot buys. Keep this in mind and rise above the competition by securing your on time weekly, monthly or semi monthly delivery of Hemp Buds. Rather your favorite is Cherry Wine Hemp Bud grown in Colorado all organically, or Suver Haze grown by our friends in Oregon, You can rest assure that you will be 100% satisfied.

Benefits of Buying High CBD Hemp Buds on Contract

  1. Get the Primo Buds Every Time While Competition Get Hemp Trim
  2. Legally Required to fill each shipment on time
  3. Save time searching
  4. Save Money 
  5. Locked in Price in an Unpredictable Market
  6. Figure your profit margins as your price is locked
  7. Rise above your competitors as you’ll always have in stock the best nugs in town! 

All of our High CBD Hemp Flower Begins as High CBD Hemp Seed

If you would like to take the first steps to securing your future in this fast growing industry, please submit a letter of intent, and it MUST INCLUDE the following information.

  1. Contact Name (first, last)
  2. Business Name
  3. Address Product to ship to
  4. Qty needed in lb not kg 1lb is 448g
  5. How Frequently (Weekly, Bi Weekly, Monthly)
  6. Term (6mo, 1y, 2y, 3y)
  7. Any Other Requirements You May Wish To List

Please send your SIGNED letter of intent to buy CBD Buds on Contract to

Chris@cbddy.com using the subject “Letter of Intent for CBD Buds”


Please also list when you would like your first shipment to begin and we will be in touch with you in order of your inquiry.


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